Nordic Bread Bottle will be delivered with danish label, baking instruction will follow in English.

Nordic Bread is the modern form of Stone Age bread without gluten. A small portion of the contents is cornflour, which means that the bread is easy to cut into thin slices without it crumbling. Toast thin slices of the bread in the oven with a little salt and use as a snack.


Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds dark, linseed, sesame seeds, cornflour, flaked almonds, rock salt.

Content: 695 g

1 L Glass Bottle

Total: 1.275 g

Shelflife: 10 month

Gluten free

Baking instructions:

What you need: 5 organic eggs and rapeseed oil.

Empty the Bottle contents into a bowl, add 5 organic eggs and 100 ml of rapeseed oil. Mix with a cooking spoon (do not knead). Place the dough in a tin (about 3 litres or 30 cm). Bake for 60 min. at 160°C (not convection fan). Cool the bread in the tin.

Tips: Add chocolate. Try grated carrot or dried fruit (apricots/cranberries) in the dough. Try a sprinkle of cinnamon leading up to Christmas. Over the following days, the slices can be toasted in the oven for 10 min. at 200°C for snacks.