Ciabatta Bread Bottle will be delivered with danish label, baking instruction will follow in English.

Our Ciabatta bread is an airy and flavored bread, rich on four different organic flour types. Ciabatta Bottle contains Manitoba flour, a very special and fine kind of flour from Italy. In addition to contributing to a great taste, Manitoba flour gives the bread an airy and spongy texture. Bake one large Ciabatta loaf out of the Bottle or divide the dough into 3-4 pieces for medium loaves.


Manitoba flour, durum flour, spelt flour, rock salt, wholemeal rye sourdough, toasted malt.

Content: 770 g

1 L Glass Bottle

Total: 1.350 g

Shelflife: 10 month

Baking instructions:

What you need: Yeast.

Dissolve 8 g of yeast in 5 cups cold water. Add the Bottle contents and 

knead for 5 min. slowly and 10 min. quickly. Then add 1 cup of water and 

knead again for about 15-20 min. quickly until the dough releases the sides 

of the bowl.

Grease a large bowl with oil and place the dough. Place cling film over the bowl to avoid a hard crust (a tea towel does not work) and set the dough to rise at room temperature for 2 hours. Remove the cling film and fold one half of the dough over the other, while keeping the dough in the bowl. Set the dough to cold rise in min. 12 hours in the fridge with cling film over.

Wheat flour or durum flour is sprinkled on a table. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and turn on the oven at 260°C (not convection fan). Put the dough on the flour and divide the dough into 3-4 pieces. Then gently place the dough on the baking paper and put the dough in the oven. When the oven is closed it is turned down to 230°C and the bread is baked for approx. 20-25 min.

When knocking on the bottom of the bread and it sounds hollow it is done. Use a frying thermometer, the bread should be 97 ° C in the middle.

Tip: Roll out the dough into a square of approx. 30×30 cm and divide into 4 pieces of 15×15 cm. Fill each piece with cream cheese and pesto and seal like an envelope. Put them on baking paper with closure facing up and let them simmer an hour before baking.